Hotel Management

PERE for Hotel Management

PERE represents hotels and their management. We ensure that hotels capitalize on the revenue their front desk staff generates from their personal recommendations to their guests.

  • Profits from commisions
  • Improved guest service
  • Proactive front-desk service
  • Drive more revenue to on-site restaurants
  • Improved control with suppliers/employee performance
  • Management system (performance reports)

  • Incremental revenue from commissions
  • Move from administrative to performance based culture
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Fixed salary cost reduction potential

Receptionists / Concierges

PERE for Receptionists / Concierges

PERE represents receptionists and concierges. We ensure that you have the easiest access to booking restaurants, transportation, and attractions for your guests and that you get commissions for your services.

  • A simplified instant booking interface - save time and improve service
  • Potential commissions share
  • Better proactive guest service
  • Professional supplier management
  • Personal performance monitoring of service and commission
  • Transaction transparency
  • Increased employee satisfaction


PERE for Suppliers

- PERE fills your empty tables at brunch, lunch, and dinner

- PERE fills your empty seats in cars, busses, and trains

- PERE books guests for your attractions

  • Use PEREs flexible commision system to drive business when demand is needed
  • Big spending segments from all hotel categories

  • Efficient sales channel for getting tables filled, transportation vehicles utilized, and guests to your attractions
  • Use existing booking systems. Everything is integrated with PERE's tech platform

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