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About PERE

PERE.COM is a digital platform that makes it easy for restaurants to get customers in seats and reward concierges for referring high paying hotel guests.

With triple digit hyper growth we are the world´s fastest growing ancillary revenue platform for hotels and concierges and have users from the biggest players in the market including Hilton, Marriott, Accor, and Radisson. 

We’re proud to have built a high performance, versatile, organisation with 24/7 operations across 3 continents and we are now expanding further internationally.

Market Leader

Before entering new international markets we appoint a local Market Leader. 

As a Market Leader you are granted an exclusive right to represent PERE in a specified geographical market. The Market Leader will prior to launching of the platform on the new market identify, contact, sign-up and onboard restaurant groups and individual restaurants on the platform. 

The Market Leader will in this phase also identify, contact, sign-up and onboard local Affiliates that will work for the Market Leader in signing up local restaurants.

When opening the platform to the market the Market Leader will sign up hotel users e.g. Concierges on PERE.COM and get these users to book and register guests going to restaurants via PERE.COM.

Upon gaining successful experience in the Market Leader´s own local market the Market Leader can expand his territory into other local markets in the country thereby expanding the earnings opportunity for the Market Leader. 

PERE will make available the necessary tools, training and infrastructure to support the Market Leader in achieving the commercial goals.

Key Qualifications

You already have a strong network within the restaurant industry and know how to get access to owners/decision makers of individual restaurants and restaurant groups. 

You also have a strong network of Concierges that you have access to. You like to consult decision makers about solutions that will increase their earnings and you take pride in winning them over. 

You might want to take your Concierge career into a more business related direction with the opportunity to grow professionally and personally in a fast growing international Dot-com company. 

For Market Leaders with the right qualifications there will be opportunities to travel internationally.


You will receive a monthly baseline retainer from PERE in up to 6 months. On top of the baseliner you will have the opportunity to earn an attractive performance based salary.


Please contact Relationship Director Nigel Bowen if you have any questions about the position. Nigel can be reached at or Whatsapp +44 7841 482955

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