How it works

How it works

  • 1. Hotel staff and concierges use PERE to discover and make restaurant reservations for hotel guests.
  • 2. Restaurants get high-spending hotel guests and pay a small fee for each reservation.
  • 3. PERE collects reservation fees from restaurants and shares with hotels and concierges.

Frequently asked questions

We work with and have instant booking access to more than 28,000 restaurants, including some of the finest Michelin star restaurants.

Nope. In fact, they have up to 48 hours to register no-show guests.

The restaurants register every no-show guest with PERE. No-show guests are not eligible for payment of commissions.

Hotels and concierges register their preferred payment details on their profile (e.g. Paypal). Every three months, PERE transfers earnings to their account after reconciliation of all bookings

PERE can partner with hotels and concierges to hide payments and keep restaurant referrals completely neutral.